Heart Bubbles - collage card Crossroads of Love - collage card Happy Valentines Day-kite collage card Heart Constellation
I Heart U Tic Tac Toe Love Wins at Tic Tac Toe You've caught my heart frog The Red Thread of Destiny
Smoke Signals Valentine - collage card Winter Love in New York We belong together - toothbrushes Love is Color-Blind
An Octopus Valentine - collage card Octopus Love - blue Octopus Love - pink Love in Montreal
Octopus Love Je t'aime plus que la poutine I love you beary much I love you, sweet tea - collage card
I love you, sweet tea - couple - collage card You are my sunshine - collage card You're the apple of my eye - collage card You're my favorite - French card
What a card! Je t'aime plus que la bouillabaisse - hand-drawn card Love in NYC, taxi - hand-drawn card Bicycle built for two - print card
Chrysler Building Hearts - hand-drawn card Black and White cookie - You complete me - print card Love Equation Flamingo Love - by Emily Lin
Cats in Love - by Emily Lin Native American Girl - Smoke Signals - by Emily Lin Love in Paris by Pauline Rousseau Remedy for Love - H.D. Thoreau Quote / H.D. Thoreau l'a dit - by Pauline Rousseau
I like the way you smile - by Pauline Rousseau Parlez-moi d'amour by Pauline Rousseau Love at first sight / Le coup de foudre - by Pauline Rousseau Shakespeare Sonnet 30 - by Pauline Rousseau