Fairy Tales / The Magic Swan Geese

This card is based off the Russian fairytale "The Magic Swan Geese." A little girl is left alone to take care of her brother, but she doesn't watch him carefully, and Baba Yaga's swan geese carry her baby brother away.  The girl runs after them, and asks an apple tree, a river of milk with banks of custard, and an oven with rye pies for help.  When they ask her to eat their apples, drink their milk, and eat their pies in return, the little girl refuses.  She finally gets help from an ant (sometimes a hedgehog) and finds her brother at Baba Yaga's house.  She carries her brother away, but they are chased by the swan geese.  The girl asks the river for help, but the river wants her to drink its milk.  The girl then drinks milk from the river.  The river then covers them in custard, hiding them from the geese.  The girl then starts running again, but the geese find her, so she asks the apple tree for help.  The apple tree says it will help her if she eats an apple, so she does, and they climb into the tree's branches, and the tree covers them in its branches so that the swan geese are deflected.  The girl then leaves, starts running again, and comes up to the oven.  The oven offers protection from the swan geese in exchange for a pie, so the girl eats one of the pies, and she and her brother crawl into the oven. The swan geese fly in after them and the oven burns them with its flames.  The girl and her brother then go safely back to their parents' house.

The scene this card depicts:  After spurning offers of help from the apple tree, the river with banks of custard, and the oven with rye pies (not pictured), the little girl watches helplessly as Baba Yaga's Swan Geese carry away her baby brother. 

This card measures approximately 4 1/4" x 5", and comes protected in a sealed cello sleeve and sturdy packaging.