Fairy Tales / Chang'e and the Jade Rabbit - collage card

In China, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia, the mid-Autumn Moon Festival is a celebration of the harvest.  Mooncakes are eaten, lanterns are paraded about, and people spend time with their families.  One of the legends connected with the mid-Autumn Moon Festival is that of Houyi and his wife, Chang'e.  Houyi, a skilled archer, was rewarded for his skills with a pill of immortality.  He was instructed not to swallow it immediately and instead to prepare to take it by fasting and praying for a year.  Chang'e, however, discovered the pill and swallowed it, and flew to the moon.  Houyi tried to follow her, but was kept back by the strong winds.  Once on the moon, Chang'e demanded that the Jade Rabbit make another pill so that she could return to earth.  To this day, the Jade Rabbit is still pounding the herbs to make the pill.  Houyi built a palace in the sun, and once a year, during the mid-Autumn Festival, they are reunited.

This collage card illustrates the long wait, as Chang'e vigilantly stands over the Jade Rabbit, waiting to be reunited with her husband.

This is an A2 card and measures 5 1/4" x 4 3/4".