Cards that give back - SEVA Foundation partnership

Chelleline Cards is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Berkeley, California-based Seva Foundation!  The Seva Foundation works to prevent blindness and restore sight in developing countries. Seva, for example, succeeded in reducing the cost of cataract surgery to $50.

We at Chelleline Cards realize how important sight is, as our own work depends on the gift of vision. Inspired by Seva’s mission and work, we have designed a line of braille and vision-themed greeting cards and have adapted a line of everyday greeting cards that correspond to Seva’s colors. Our cards also have an added tactile dimension of collage, which allows their recipients to touch and feel the images and their shapes.

Chelleline Cards donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each card to Seva. To find out more about Seva, please visit www.seva.org.

Braille card - Thank you sunflower Braille card - Happy birthday balloon Braille card - I Love you Braille card - Welcome, baby carriage
Braille card - Seal You're the apple of my eye - collage card Eye heart you - collage card Bike ride through the country - Just saying hi - by Pauline Rousseau
Happy birthday mouse with presents - by Pauline Rousseau Tree of Love by Pauline Rousseau