The company

Chelleline Cards offers imaginative and minimalist cut-paper collage greeting cards, postcards, and stationery products. Our sweet, charming designs are guaranteed to make their recipients smile.

Our inspiration comes from childhood toys, sea creatures, and fairy tales, among others.  We also draw ideas from the places where we live and have lived: from Moscow to New York, California, Montreal, Paris, and North Carolina. Since each card is pieced together by hand, we like to say that we are “putting the ‘hand’ back into ‘handmade.’”

Our story 

Michelle Lin, Chelleline Cards’ founder, started designing cards in her Brooklyn apartment in the summer of 2007. Having studied biology and English literature, worked in book publishing, and about to start law school, Michelle felt dissatisfied with her bookish interests and longed to work with her hands again.  What she thought would be a passing hobby turned into selling at craft fairs (even meeting her future husband at a Brooklyn craft fair in 2008), then at brick-and-mortar stores, and then, when she graduated from law school in 2010 without a job, a full-time business. 

In 2011, Chelleline Cards rbegan to offer travel postcards based on her husband Dmitry (Mitya) Gimon’s photographs. A computer scientist, Dmitry’s creative side can be seen in the unique perspective of his photos. Michelle also coaxed her mother, Emily Lin, a former art teacher, out of retirement to design for Chelleline Cards. Michelle invited her friend Pauline Rousseau, whom she had met in Montreal, to join Chelleline Cards in February 2014 after Pauline confessed to her that she wanted to do something more creative than her studies and work allowed. Pauline is based in Paris, where she is finishing her graduate studies and creating beautifully calligraphed hand-drawn and collage greeting cards.

Michelle also runs The Rad Dad Box, a monthly subscription box for new dads and their children. She has also started depicting her parenting experiences in comic form at Milk Rice Comics. You may also find her children's illustration site here.